My name is Sophie and I am from Adelaide, South Australia. I am a Michigan Student-Athlete alum, and have recently begun my professional triathlon career. Outside of my life as an athlete and current masters student, I keep myself occupied via freelance designing, kombucha brewing and yoga. 


My background in sport started at an early age in Australia, pursuing swimming and track throughout my schooling, and provided me with the opportunity to come to the United States. This move threw my world up side down (quite literally), and has been the most challenging but rewarding experience I have had to date. Since then, I have had the opportunity to be a part of a Big 10 XC championship team, national XC runner-up team, and earned all-region and distinguished scholar awards. My recent transition to triathlon marks the beginning of my career as a professional athlete with Peak Multisport, and I look forward to the year ahead as I continue to train in Ann Arbor and complete my masters. 


Over the past five years, I have been pursuing this passion through a BA in Sport Business, and now an MS in Human Computer Interaction. I have a passion for how innovative technology can play a role in improving health habits in the community, and believe that I can leverage my athletic career with my education to make a positive impact to those around me. I thrive off collaborating with others to create functional and beautiful designs that improve the world around me. 

Through my degree in HCI, we learn how to design products that will optimise functionality and user experience. Classes such as graphic design, interaction design, online communities and human behaviour provide a well-rounded view at innovative technology with a user centric focus. 

I invite you to browse my site and view my athletic and academic work!