Design Work

Here is a sample of the various graphic design projects I have completed during my graduate studies, internships and freelance projects. 

Homework 5_Page_2.png

Logo Design

This logo was created for a digital learning platform "knowmatica". The colors on the logo were chosen in various shades of green, as it connects with the theme of exploring and nature. This is complemented by the pale yellow for the round object acting as the "o". I say round object, as the logo was designed to spark curiosity and for the shape to take on it's own meaning for the viewer. It can be a dot for the "i", a tree, lemon, orange, wheel or lollypop!

The full design package can be viewed here .

Homework 6.png

Webpage Design

The University of Michigan School of Information currently has an outdated website. With so many equipped and talented students with the skills to redesign the site, the school has turned to the students to submit improvements.

The design for the homepage can be viewed here

Yoga Promotion- Cooper & Tommy.png
A4 Copy.jpg

Graphics for Talent Agency Artemis Boutique. 2018-2019 progression of a graphic for campus wellness events.

Charley's Graphic- Instagram 2.png
Charley's Graphic- Instagram.png

Graphics for a local establishment, Good Time Charley’s. The campaign was launched both digitally (top: instagram), and bottom (outside banner).

For a wider range of samples, please see the links below to various digital and print designs that have been completed within the last year:

Print for a graphic design class. Click here.

Social media design for Michigan Athletic Medicine. Click here.

UX template for website design. Click here

Marketing graphics for Ascape Audio. Click here

Wireframes for an online community designed to meet students in your class. Click here.